Choosing a Career with North & Company

We are our people. North & Company is proud to hire good people who do good work for good clients. We work as a team focused on exceptional service, efficiency, and collaboration. Whether you are thinking of establishing new roots in Southern Alberta, or returning to old ones, we'd be happy to speak to you about joining our firm.

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Choosing a Career with North & Company

Why North & Company?

North and Company LLP is a full service law firm based in Southern Alberta that has been providing quality legal services since it was established in 1973. We are happy to provide legal solutions to our clients throughout Southern Alberta in a variety of practice areas. We have a strong connection to each and every community we are a part of and are proud to have built our business in such a strong area of the province.

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Legal Assistant

A Legal Assistant's job is varied and complex. Day-to-day tasks include:

  • Preparing legal documents.
  • Communicating with coworkers, clients, and industry.
  • Maintaining records and files.
  • Researching to assist lawyers.

Legal assistants have a wide variety of tasks they complete in a day. To complete those tasks, Legal Assistants use the following skills:

  • Proficient with Microsoft Suite, especially Word & Excel
  • Ability to think critically, problem-solving new and unique situations
  • Excellent computer skills, ability to learn new software
  • Communication skills, face to face, phone, and written
  • Detail oriented
  • Excellent understanding of English language and grammar
  • Excellent mathematical skills
  • Accountability
  • Communication
  • Decision Making
  • Planning and Organizing
  • Results Orientation
  • Service Orientation
  • Teamwork

There are a few different routes one can take to pursue this career choice, and many institutions offer a Legal Assistant Certificate or Diploma. There are excellent post-secondary choices like SAIT, Bow Valley College, and Reeves College in Southern Alberta and distance education options. Many firms do not require a Legal Assistant Certificate or Diploma, although it is an asset. One common requirement of employment is post-secondary education. At North and Company, we consider fit more so than education. We have had great success training people with no legal education or experience.

With many experienced legal assistants approaching retirement age, positions are regularly opening. Not only that, many firms are growing. Skilled and proficient legal assistants are essential to our success, so we always look for good people.


Why North & Company

“Everyone always says it’s the people and sometimes that can be a little cliché. But here is really is the truth. There is a mutual respect for what each person does, we embrace all of our differences, and learn off each other on a daily basis”

"We are a 'get it done' team with a very fun and outgoing edge. I work in commercial Real Estate and there is no better feeling than handing someone millions of dollars-really!"

“My work is challenging, interesting, and allows me to grow in my role. That is very important to me!”

“I feel very taken care of working at North and Company, and not just on paper. Yes, we have benefits, bonuses, RRSP matching, paid sick time, and paid personal time. But people also ask me how I am doing and actually care about the answer”


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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are you hiring?
A:Check out our available positions link to see any open jobs!

Q: Do I need a diploma or degree to work as a Legal Assistant?
A: There is no doubt that obtaining an education as a Legal Assistant is beneficial, but it's not required. Here at North & Company, we like to hire people who will fit our culture. Our successful employees are driven, motivated, like to have fun and find providing excellent service to our clients very enjoyable.


Lawyers in Alberta provide services that may vary according to their chosen practice areas, local market, and client needs. With a range of possible practice areas, lawyers can tailor their practice to their precise circumstances.

At North & Company, we have an array of talented practitioners focusing on corporate and commercial law, family law, employment law, civil litigation, real estate, tax law, wills and estates, bankruptcy and insolvency, agribusiness, and more. Many of our partners and associates maintain a varied practice—enjoying the ability to work in multiple fields at once.

Day-to-day work can also vary. Lawyers engage with clients, research legislation and case law, draft factums and other essential documents. Depending on how their practice is structured and the types of practice areas they are engaged in, each lawyer's day-to-day work will look different from the next. For example, civil litigators and family lawyers may frequently attend court and chambers on behalf of their clients. Conversely, tax lawyers and corporate lawyers will rarely step foot inside a courtroom. With this in mind, a lawyer can effectively structure their practice to best suit their personality, interests, and broader career goals.

Why North & Company

"All of my professional development endeavours have been fully supported by North and Company. I am always looking for my next chance to learn something new and exciting, sharpen my skills, or become more efficient, and I can do that at North and Company."

"As I approach my 28th year at North & Co, the opportunity to practice in an area of law that I love and resonates with me and doing it with really good people is why I have stayed so long. The enduring factor is that these are good, grounded people when tough times come."


North & Company is always looking for great lawyers to join our team, even if there isn't an open position. 

If you are a lawyer and interested in working at North & Company, please email your resume and cover letter to Tracy Bothma at

For open Associate positions please see our LinkedIn Page (


Q: What skills do I need as a lawyer?

A: Lawyers have a wide range of responsibilities and often need to engage with several skills to complete their work. Relevant skills include:

  • Time management skills
  • Interpersonal communication skills
  • Computer skills and the ability to learn software as needed
  • Critical thinking ability
  • Client management skills
  • Planning and organizational skills
  • Ability to meet deadlines
  • The ability to work with a broader team of firm personnel, as well as various members of the legal community
  • A results-oriented personality
  • Strong oral and written advocacy skills
  • Accountability
  • The ability to manage, control, and placate high-conflict and emotionally volatile situations
  • Strong negotiation skills
  • Efficient research skills
  • A strong sense of ethics and professional responsibility

Q: What does it take to become a lawyer?

A: Lawyers typically need an undergraduate degree and a law degree from an accredited institution with about seven years of post-secondary education preparing for the field. Also, all lawyers must have completed the requirements of their articling year—including the CPLED modules—to qualify to work in Alberta.

Once a law student completes an articling term with a given firm, they are often offered a position as an associate with that firm. Other times, lawyers will come from other law firms or legal markets.

Applicants are typically assessed based on a resume and cover letter. Law school transcripts are particularly relevant for articling student applications and the early years of one's career. For established applicants, career experience can often overshadow educational transcripts.

Q: How much does a lawyer make?

A: A lawyer's salary is heavily dependent on the area of practice, the lawyer's status within the firm, the firm's size, and the legal market one is operating within.

Q: What is the outlook for lawyers in Alberta?

A: The legal profession is much like other professions in Canada. The labour force is opening up for the next generation of lawyers as the baby boomer generation is approaching retirement. The job market will be favourable—as firms seek to maintain their business in the wake of retirements and grow their business in the years to come.

North & Company is no exception to these trends. The firm is always eager to hear from talented and experienced lawyers who can bring new perspectives and voices to our table.


Summer students at North & Company get a diverse and well-rounded experience in a broad range of legal topics—including corporate/commercial, personal injury, family law, and many more. Students research and prepare memos, case briefs, quantums, and more each day. Ultimately, students deliver high-quality research to the firm's lawyers in whatever necessary field. They also assist with various administrative tasks throughout the office.


Articling 2022: The firm has filled our Articling position for 2022. 


Q: What skills do I need as a summer student?

A: Summer students have a variety of responsibilities and often need to employ a variety of skill-sets to accomplish the assigned tasks. Relevant skills include:

  • Proficiency with Microsoft Office software
  • Critical thinking abilities
  • Computer skills, and the ability and willingness to learn new software on the go
  • Communication skills—both written and verbal.
  • A detail-oriented mind-set
  • Grammatical skills
  • Accountability
  • Efficient, high-quality legal research skills
  • Knowledge of basic legal concepts
  • Excellent planning and organizational skills
  • Time management skills
  • Ability to meet deadlines
  • The ability to operate within a wider team of firm personnel—partners, associates, assistants, and other summer students
  • A results-oriented personality

Q: What does it take to become a summer student?

A: Summer students must have completed at least one year of law school at an accredited law school. In the past, North & Company has hired summer students from institutions across the country.

Summer students are hired sometime during the academic year for the following summer. Applications typically require a resume, a cover letter, and academic transcripts. Applicants are then assessed based on these three factors and an in-person interview.

Q: What is the outlook for summer students in Alberta?

A: For many senior lawyers, the retirement age is approaching, which means that the job market is promising for young lawyers. With this in mind, the outlook for summer students is favourable. At North & Company, we're always looking to attract new talent.