Employment Law

Employment law is governed by legislation at both the provincial and federal levels, and also by a vast collection of common law principles. Your situation is unique and North & Company's team of experienced legal professionals are here to help.

Employment Law

Employment Law

Your employees are the backbone of your business, but what happens if the relationship flounders? You've been with your employer for a long time, and you've suddenly been terminated. What are your rights? Employment law encompasses the life cycle of an employee-employer relationship. Whether you need a review of the initial offer of employment, information on how to effectively discipline an employee, or advice on how to handle termination, North & Company's team of employment lawyers can guide you through your employment law needs.


Our lawyers at North & Company LLP deal with employment issues on an almost daily basis and can handle a wide variety of concerns you face as an employee. Some of the issues we assist with include, but are not limited to, wrongful dismissal, wage and hour disputes, safety in the workplace, benefits, human rights matters such as harassment or discrimination, and severance. We understand that this is your livelihood, so if you are an employee and feel that you need legal help, do not hesitate to contact one of our offices. We can provide you with the assistance you deserve.


Our lawyers are trusted by employers across Southern Alberta to help advise on various aspects of employer-employee relations and employment law. We deal with a diverse set of clientele, including those with businesses that are public or private, unionized or non-unionized, and big or small. We are there to assist when an issue arises; however, our main goal is to be proactive and target potential problem areas in advance so you can avoid long and costly litigation procedures in the future. We understand that these legal processes can be confusing and tedious, but you do not have to tackle them alone. Please reach out to one of our knowledgeable lawyers who are eager to help.   

Human Rights

The Alberta Human Rights Act prohibits discrimination based on factors such as race, age, gender, disability, and others. Regardless of whether you are an employer or employee, human rights legislation will undoubtedly play a role in the policies of your workplace. Maybe you feel that you have been discriminated against by an employer or maybe you are facing a claim that you have discriminated against an employee, it could even be the case that you are just seeking a professional opinion on whether your policies are in compliance with human rights legislation; whatever the situation, our legal team is at the ready to resolve your questions or issues. 

Occupational Health and Safety

A workplace can be dangerous. Every day workers in Alberta are injured on the jobsite, leaving the worker with injury related expenses and employers with liability. This is why the Alberta government has set in place the Occupational Health and Safety Act to prevent worksite incidents. Being health and safety conscious means you can reduce the occurrence of injury and lessen liability. If you are concerned about whether your workplace is compliant with regulation or is doing its duty to maximize the safety of workers, we are ready to assist. Our lawyers can walk you through the rules outlined in the health and safety legislation, advise on how your workplace can become compliant, or assist you if you are facing a claim for a worker’s injury.

Wrongful and Unjust Dismissal

As important as it is to adhere to proper procedure when hiring someone, it is equally important to do so when dismissing them. Wrongful dismissal can refer to situations where someone has been fired unfairly, unreasonably, or without just cause. If you have been dismissed and feel that proper procedure was not followed, then our lawyers are able to assist you in attempting to right this wrong.

Your Employment Law Team

At North & Company LLP we make searching for honest, reliable, transparent, and trustworthy employment lawyer, labour lawyer, and employment law advice in Lethbridge easy.  We know just how difficult it can be to find employment lawyer services you can trust and rely on which is why we go above and beyond to make sure clients are completely satisfied with all employment law work done.  Our professional legal team has a long history of providing labour lawyer support that clients know they can trust making us the “go to” choice locally in Lethbridge for employment lawyer representation.

Labour lawyer and employment lawyer case handlings require unique skill sets and areas of expertise all of which we cover for the Lethbridge community at North & Company LLP.  Our entire Lethbridge based legal staff makes it a point to address all questions and concerns quickly giving our clients the peace of mind they deserve when it comes to their employment law legal inquiries and filings.  Just give us a call and we would be happy to go over whatever employment lawyer and labour lawyer needs you may have.

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