Bankruptcy & Insolvency

Our North & Company LLP lawyers have a wealth of experience in representing a wide array of clients, such as debtors, creditors (such as financial institution), and individuals. We can assist you in different matters, such as consumer proposals, bankruptcies, and receiverships. Due to our experience, we truly understand the entire insolvency process and can work with all the different stakeholders involving debtors and creditors.

Bankruptcy & Insolvency

Bankruptcy and Insolvency

Situations involving personal or business insolvency and financial problems require knowledgeable and timely action. North & Company provides secured and unsecured creditors, including institutional lenders, trade creditors and equipment lessees with strategic actions for debt free recovery to help them maximize their recovery and minimize their losses. We also have experience working with corporate and individual debtors looking for solutions to their financial difficulties. Finally, North & Company provides guidance and assistance to insolvency professionals such as receivers and bankruptcy trustees. Bankruptcy & Insolvency services that we provide include:

  • reviewing security agreements and guarantees
  • advising on and contesting priority disputes between creditors
  • negotiating informal proposals and forbearance agreements
  • providing strategic advice on restructurings, receiverships, liquidations and dissolutions
  • advising, negotiating and documenting the purchase and sale of distressed businesses and assets
  • reviewing director's liabilities
  • advising individual debtors on matters including high-income tax bankruptcies
  • making and representing individuals on discharges from bankruptcy and student loan forgiveness

Your Bankruptcy and Insolvency Team

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