You may think of litigation as the dramatic courtroom confrontations you often see in movies, but the reality is that most conflicts can be resolved outside of court. North & Company's litigation department can advise you on alternative dispute resolution matters such as mediation and negotiation, and develop an effective litigation strategy should court be required. Litigation touches on all aspects of law and all industries, and we can advocate for your interests and push for the best outcome possible.



Our experienced team of litigators handle complex disputes across a wide-variety of civil and commercial matters. We can help you realize the most efficient and cost-effective resolution to your dispute, ensuring that your rights and interests are protected at all stages of the litigation process. Whether you are seeking advice about your options, representation in court, or assistance enforcing judgment, our team will provide you with a litigation strategy that is right for your goals and your budget.

We offer expertise and services across all areas of civil and commercial litigation, including:

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